Wednesday 20th - Thursday 21st October 2021


ACOS 2021 – A Welcome Return

ACOS 2021 – A Welcome Return ACOS 2021 – A Welcome Return

ACOS 2021 closed its doors last week with universal agreement that “It’s great to be back”.

Exhibitors and visitors approved of the new venue which offered a smart and comfortable layout and convenient access.

“I have to say that I think this was one of the best looking ACOS events yet.” exclaimed Karen Cooke, Show Director.  “There are always concerns when moving to a new venue but this seemed to be an ideal fit.”

The ILEC Conference Centre took the amusement industry back to within a stones throw of Earls Court which had been the successful home of coin-op events for so many years.  The ground floor expo hall offered easier access than previous events and provided an ideal backdrop for the amusement industry gathering.

Filled to capacity, the show proved to be a great draw for buyers who travelled from all corners of England, Scotland and Wales to take part in the first major industry gathering in over 18 months. Attendance numbers easily matched pre Covid levels with the first day being busiest by far.  Visitors made a full day of the event staying for the First Day Drinks reception which went on well into the evening.

Reports from the show floor indicate that, despite ongoing challenges, business and sales were strong.

Cooke concludes, "Throughout the show, I ask people what they think and “Fabulous” is the response that I most remember. Clearly the industry was very happy to be together again and I am so happy that ACOS was able to provide a venue to match the occasion.”