Tuesday 1 & Wednesday 2 October 2019


Stand No 180 Playsafe Systems

Thomas 8026C Playsafe PlaysafeAs a market leading machine management and systems provider to the industry for more than 30 years, the Playsafe System Stand will be an essential port of call for anyone with a busy AGC/FEC Operation.

Playstafe Systems has promised a comprehensive product showcase. 

  • Quantum - The proven and most comprehensive machine management system, Quantum sits at the centre of modern connected site. A modular design ensures it’s simple to add other systems, including, TITO, Loyalty, Redemption, Paystations, etc.
  • CashDesk – The CashDesk module helps you secure your site’s cash float and removes the need for paper records. CashDesk tracks all refills, hand-pays, claims/refunds and promotions, linking the data directly into Quantum.
  • Performance – In a mobile connected world, Performance allows you to review your business data while on the move. Connected to Quantum and being a web-based portal, the Performance dashboard allows you to quickly and simply review your business data and machine performance across your entire estate.
  • TITO – In a modern connected AGC, moving to TITO Ticket pay-out enhances the customer experience. No more jammed hoppers or customers having to wait for handpays via a back office safe, customers can now safely and securely redeem tickets via a Thomas Paystation. This not only automates the process but helps to drive operational efficiencies within your business.
  • Loyalty – Take the chance out of loyalty, by utilising the Playsafe site or machine-based Loyalty system. Get to know your customers better and reward them with points that can be redeemed for prizes, based on their attendance or machine play.
  • Cloud Hosting – With Playsafe cloud hosting services, we take away all your worries about backing up, storing and protecting your machine/site data. Be sure to talk to Playsafe about the various Cloud packages.
  • New – Quantum Handheld – Need to record manual meters as part of your machine collections? The new Playsafe Quantum Handheld Device is a major upgrade over what’s gone before. Designed to replace outdated, dedicated handheld devices such as: Pidion, Oyster, Pocket PC and Micro flex models. The Quantum Collection app is purchased pre-loaded onto the new the Ruggedized Android device, allowing you to quickly and securely record your machines meters and cash.
  • Thomas Automatics – The trusted Thomas Brand has been in business for more than 40 years, with more than 40,000 machines in daily use and has been incorporated into the Playsafe business. On show will be the 8021C & 8026 Paystations. Both models are fully linked to any TITO system, including GBG, SAS & SGG Video Bet. Also, they are fully linked to Quantum, ensuring all your manual payments such as Handpays, Promo, Refills and Claims are linked back to Quantum, securing your cash on site.
  • Magner Note & TITO Ticket Counter – Speed up your collections, by installing the Magner Banknote and TITO Ticket Counter. The unit can count and off sort banknotes and GBG TITO Tickets, not only speeding up collections, but the security features ensure counterfeit banknotes and already processed tickets are rejected.