Tuesday 1 & Wednesday 2 October 2019


Press Release from Electrocoin

Electrocoin Set To Impress At ACOS

ACOS 2018 will be Electrocoin’s launch pad for a host of new innovative products that have been extensively tested throughout the summer, as well as new developments of existing successful lines for the FEC, Single Site and AGC Sectors.

CAT C will feature strongly for Electrocoin, with both arcade and single site sectors seeing products on offer. Monte Carlo will be on display in the exciting new Elektra Cabinet along with the alternative cabinet, Gemstar. There is now an eighteen-game menu, which includes a variety of games targeted at both single site and arcades, with both Hi tec and Lo tec games proving to be popular across both sectors. The Gemstar Eclipse conversion that attracted huge attention at Open Day will also be featured at ACOS.

In addition, Electrocoin will show the latest Bar X Tablet Cat C system along with the classic reel based Bar-X 7even with its £25 Jackpot and the Bar X Cat D Infill. 

Stern Pinball will as usual have a significant presence at ACOS, with the exciting licenses of Iron Maiden and the new Deadpool making its debut in the UK. Deadpool has gained a cult following since the movie’s release in 2016. With the exciting gameplay and unique artwork, Deadpool is certain to be popular with operators and players.

Konami’s latest dance video game DDRA will also be on show and has proven itself a big hit across a wide range of locations throughout the summer season.

With redemption becoming increasingly important for FEC’s, Electrocoin has established itself as the 'one stop shop' for ticket management, with the Galileo Tickets Eaters and the new Elmac WINMT SQL system for single and multiple sites. ACOS will see the launch of the new SQL software, involving a split screen operating system, thus allowing operators to serve two customers simultaneously Initial feedback from test locations, has been very positive as it helps reduce queues during peak periods.’  The FEC Sector is also increasingly looking at going cashless and with Electrocoin providing support in the UK in the shape of the Intercard’s system, which has proven itself to be very flexible and popular with customers and operators alike where installed. FECs can either go completely cashless with e-tickets or combine it with coin-play and redemption tickets.

Both of these systems will be demonstrated at ACOS, giving the operator an insight to effective stock control and income management.

Redemption and prize pay-out machines will also feature with the hugely popular GoGo Chicken being on display with its new features.  ACOS will also be the preview launch of two new skill vending machines: Drop A Winner, whereby the player must skilfully drop a ball into one of three holes to win the prize and also ‘Skill Cut’, where players must cut a small string to win the big prize that can fill the whole machine. This one is a real eye catcher! Also on display will be Digital Centre’s Panther Revolution Photobooth.

Make sure to visit Electrocoin on booth 130!

Electrocoin image Monte Carlo Elektra Hi Res