Tuesday 1 & Wednesday 2 October 2019


Press Release from Genesis Games

Genesis Games to Showcase AMATIC  AMAROX  C24 and Performer Grand Arc Slant Top at ACOS 2018

AMAROX C24 -Presenting the future right now!

The AMAROX C24 is the newest member of the AMATIC cabinet family. It has been inspired by the curved design from the successful Performer Grand Arc. The C24 is an outstanding option for any gaming floor. As it is an upright machine, it attracts even more players due to its cabinet height.

Genesis image 1 Amatic Performer Grand Arc Slant Top

With two 24” 16:9 widescreen monitors, great sound quality and flashy LED lights the AMAROX C24 is the perfect eye-catcher for any casino or arcade as its magnetic appeal will draw in new customers. The ergonomic and player-friendly design will do the rest, creating an unique gaming experience and giving the player a special playtime.

AMATIC Performer Grand Arc

The AMATIC Performer Grand Arc is a revolution in slot machine engineering. With 2 wide-screen monitors this elegant slant-top is the next step in the evolution of gaming. It stands out in any gaming location with its superb curved design and high quality-manufacturing.

The Performer Grand Arc is one-of-a-kind and can be easily adjusted to individual needs, whether it concerns ticket-in, ticket-out, player tracking, the AMATIC casino management system or any other SAS compatible management system. Equipped with the AMATIC Multi Game configuration it is truly a real winning combination for both players and operators.