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Future of Immersive Leisure

Eventbrite - The London Future of Immersive Leisure (FOIL)

The London Future of Immersive Leisure (FOIL)

After a successful first outing in Las Vegas, the Future of Immersive Leisure comes to ACOS  in a format specially designed for the UK’s amusements, leisure and coin-op sectors.

London Future Of Immersive Leisure is designed to give a practical overview of the technologies that are radically transforming out-of-home entertainment.

Once the preserve of large-scale attractions technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are now being integrated successfully into a variety of smaller venues such as FEC’s bowling centres, piers, arcades and even pubs.

Why Attend?

FOIL provides a broad, multifaceted perspective on immersive out-of-home entertainment and key insights into the rapidly changing location-based VR/AR entertainment market, which is expanding considerably in terms of content, platforms, business strategies, and venues.

For today’s leisure operator, competition for leisure spend doesn’t just exist between operators; the availability of increasing sophisticated technology for at-home entertainment has driven consumer  expectations to the point where leisure operators are under pressure to differentiate their offering with new compelling experiences.

London FOIL is specifically targeted at the UK’s leisure operators and is aimed at facilitating an understanding of the business opportunities and constraints of immersive technology. An experienced panel has been assembled to explore the current trends and applications for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Social VR within the UK, detailing the most promising opportunities in FECs, pubs, piers, arcades and a variety of other locations.

Who Should Attend?

The market for out-of-home immersive entertainment is potentially as wide as the entire out-of-home entertainment market.

London FOIL is specifically applicable to the UK market and, as such, will be relevant to owners and operators of FECs, arcades, pubs, attractions, leisure and play facilities, bowling centres, sports facilities, visitor centres, holiday parks, cinemas and shopping malls.

Conference Agenda   

Trends in Location-Based VR and AR

Speaker: Kevin Williams  KWP Ltd

Speaker: Razvan Vornicu - Inowize

This session will provide an overview of key trends and segments in location-based VR, including the rise of arena-scale VR, the appearance of VR in such leisure facilities as bowling alleys and trampoline parks. Also covered will be the emergence of hybrid entertainment centres, integrating VR with other attractions such as laser tag and escape games, plus the introduction of new VR forms integrating deeper physical experiences, such as aquatic VR. This session will also cover new trends in LB VR content

New Directions in VR and Arcades and Location –Based Entertainment Centres

Part 1    Leveraging New Synergies between VR and Escape Games

One of the most intriguing trends in VR location-based entertainment is the increasing synergy of VR and escape games.  Clearly, the two experiences have natural affinities, and the prospects for this hybrid form have been boosted by the surging popularity of escape games.  How is this form evolving, and what strategies are being employed to effectively exploit such a synergy?

Speaker: Alexander Tsyurupa - DNA VR

Speaker: Ali Khan – Tick Tock Unlock

Speaker: Jean-Luc Gignoux – Virtual Room

Part 2   Laser tag and VR- the Next Big Smash in Hybrid Entertainment Centres?

Laser tag and VR games have typically been viewed as representing different ends of the attractions spectrum in video arcades and location-based entertainment centers.  But there are greater synergies between the two forms than may be apparent at first glance.  This session will examine the best ways to integrate those forms in hybrid entertainment centers.

Speaker: Colin Parnell – Laser VR

Moderator/ Speaker: Kevin Williams – KWP Ltd

Part 3    Hybrid Drone/Augmented Reality Games- Ready for Takeoff?

            Immersive games and attractions are taking sharp new turns in the location-based entertainment market.  One of the most striking  and dynamic new immersive game forms  for that market is the immersive drone game.  This session will highlight the implications and potential of immersive drone games and attractions, such as those developed by Drone Interactive, which marry drones and augmented reality. 

                Speaker: Vincent Rigau

Part 4    Exploiting the Social Factor in VR/AR Arcades and Leisure Based Entertainment

                Despite its importance, social interaction has been an often neglected element in VR/AR  arcades and Leisure-Based Entertainment Centres.  But a new breed of VR arcades, lounges, and location-based entertainment centers are emphasizing the social factor in their facilities through their use of such forms and experiences as mulitplayer games, competitions, and tournaments. This session will explore the most promising opportunities for social VR  games and attractions in arcades, lounges, pubs, and other leisure facilities.

Speaker: Oli Lane  - The VR Concept

Speaker: Chris Adams – The Dream Corporation

Moderator:  Ian Donegan - Intergame

Next-Generation VR/AR Rides and Attractions 

This session will assess the rapidly changing landscape for VR/AR rides and attractions and VR adventure sports rides in amusement parks and other leisure facilities.  It will highlight new opportunities in this sector arising from expanding content, platforms, and business models.

Speaker: Simon Reveley – Figment Productions

Speaker: Matt Wells – Frontgrid

Speaker: Martin Higginson - Immotion

Speaker: Representative from VR Coaster


Eventbrite - The London Future of Immersive Leisure (FOIL)

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